Home page Thai MassageNuad Phaen Thai, as it is called in Thailand, translates directly to Ancient Massage, or Traditional Massage. You may also hear it being referred to as Thai Yoga Massage. This type of massage has been practised in Thailand for thousands of years as a method of healing.

Traditional Thai massage is based on the belief that all life force spirals around special pathways, or prana pathways, in the body. There are 72 000 invisible energy lines, which make up the energy body. Any blockage along these lines can cause disease (dis-ease) on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Thai massage is very relaxingThai massage focuses on 10 important lines, called sen sip. By releasing any blocked energy along the sen lines, prana can flow freely, thereby restoring balance, health and harmony in the body.

Traditional Thai massage is a combination of acupressure, reflexology and yogic exercises, or gentle stretching, which manipulates the energy lines and so diminishes tension, stimulates metabolism and creates a feeling of well being and vitality. Unlike some other therapies, you will feel refreshed and energized after a Thai massage, rather than sedated and lethargic.Thai massage is very relaxing

A complete massage (Royal Thai massage) can take up to two and a half hours, depending on the style of massage used by the therapist. However, a half hour foot or head massage can be just as beneficial if you are pressed for time.

The whole experience is done on a mat on the floor, while the receiver is fully clothed. Traditionally

This type of massage is suitable for every person, from infant to great grandparent, from hyperactive toddler to stressed parents. The weary traveller, the businessman or – woman, the pregnant woman, the athlete – every massage is adapted to suit the individual. no oils are used, except in a foot massage. In the case of sore and inflamed muscles, we apply specially prepared hot herbal compresses on these areas, guaranteeing almost instant pain relief. All you have to do is lie back and close your eyes. This is a truly spiritual experience and it is not unusual for people to fall asleep while receiving this wonderful form of relaxing, though invigorating and intensely stimulating treatment.