Where are you located at?
We are located at 124 Ivy Road, Shop 1
Corner Grant Ave,
Norwood, Johannesburg North, 2192

Or call us at 011-483-0269

Can my 4 year old benefit from Thai Massage?
Although the child will think it’s a game and is having fun, the massage is taken very seriously by the therapist. Your child’s energy is balanced and calmness is restored in your child’s mind, body and spirit during this playful session. We do only 30 minutes sessions on children, during which time I have always found them to cooperate and relax.

Why is this form of massage performed on a mat on the floor?
Traditional Thai Massage is very different from your conventional aromatherapy massages. It is as beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver, if done correctly. The giver works around and over the receiver, who is fully dressed, and uses her body weight to strengthen the pressure. Thai Massage is like a meditative dance performed by the giver, the pressure being applied rhythmically and evenly.
It is impossible to perform Thai Massage on a conventional massage bed. Can you imagine the giver getting on and off this narrow bed, trying to perform yogic stretches on the receiver?

Do you use oils?
Traditionally no oils are used during a Thai massage. However, these days some therapists are using oils, but then it would not be classified as a traditional thai massage.
However, more and more therapists are using oils, generally after the line work and stretches, in conclusion to the massage. Oil might also be used to treat muscular aches and sprains. These are generally referred to as ‘hot’ oil, since the most effective and popular oils would be ginger oil and black pepper oil.
And of course we use oils in a foot massage as well as during a face massage. Then, we use specially prepared herbal packs or compresses on sore and inflamed areas. Not only do they bring almost instant relief of pain, but add to the sense of renewed energy after the massage. Every patient should try our hot herbal compresses. We do use oil during a foot massage though.

Can I have a massage while I’m pregnant?
Absolutely! The pregnant woman can receive a wonderful massage while lying on her side . All energy lines can be reached and massaged in this way, and we use lots of cushions to prop her up and ensure that she’s comfortable. Not only will mom benefit, but baby as well.