Thai Massage for pregnant woman

Irritated body? 9 Months can feel like forever.

Thai Massage for pregnant woman is a way for both mother and baby to relax. Getting a Thai Massage while you are pregnant isn’t only good for the mother but for the baby as well. Blood flow increases circulation of oxygen and is beneficial for the baby. Taking care or yourself and your baby during your 9 month pregnancy is very important. Thai Massage for pregnant woman

Pressure point and stretching also helps with the irritated muscles during pregnancy. Being uncomfortable with your body getting bigger and not being able to rub your own legs it is a lot more soothing when a trained Thai Masseuse can do that for you. Once a week would be great because  the more more often you come the more relaxed you and your baby will be during your pregnancy.

Mixed oils that are safe to use on pregnant woman can be used but no oiled Thai Massages can also be preformed. Not being able to lay on your tummy in the traditional sense of a Thai Massage you will lay on your side or be in a sitting position for the duration of the massage that can be either 1 hour or 90 minutes.

We do recommend that you give your body time to heal after giving birth it would be best to come back after a months resting. Being pregnant and giving birth is no small matter. We also offer Thai Massage for 18 month and older babies.

Being mommy’s ourselves we understand the uncomfortableness that comes with being pregnant so Lui’s Thai Massage parlour offers our pregnant ladies a special offer.
If you come for 10 Thai Massages you get one session free.

So contact us today and make your booking. 

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